Club Service

Business Encounters

Co-Chairs: Rich Donaldson and David Faulk
Twice a year, Sunrise Rotarians are asked to host a meeting at their office or at a business that would be of particular interest to the members. Business Encounters are held at the same time as the weekly meetings. The club’s membership is divided into six (?) Business Encounter sites. The committee chairs identify six members who will host the Business Encounter and coordinate all activities associated with the meeting.


Co-Chairs:  Gordon Ellis and Michael Donahue 

The Membership Committee is vital to Sunrise Rotary since it is the members that make this club exemplary. Membership qualifications are set forth by the officers and board members and passed on to the membership committee for implementation. This committee encourages active members to invite their friends and business associates to consider joining Sunrise Rotary, reviews new member applications, proposes new members to the club’s Officers and Directors and meets with prospective members and new members.

Public Relations

Chair: Buddy Webre
Getting information about the work Sunrise Rotary does to make Baton Rouge a better place to live is important to the success of the club. The Public Relations Committee provides news stories, press releases and photographs of Sunrise Rotary activities to the local media outlets.

The Website Committee is responsible for keeping the Sunrise Rotary website fresh and current so members have information about current, future and past activities, as well as information about their fellow members. The Website Committee has recently updated the website to provide an avenue for members and the public to easily access the calendar of events and to learn more about Sunrise Rotarians through the Rotary Spotlight.

RRRR Regular Rotary Restaurant Rendezvous

Chair: Skip Sharrer
RRRR was established for Sunrise Rotarians to meet for lunch once a month with two or three fellow Rotarians so members could get to better know each other on a more personal level. Emails are sent each month to all Sunrise Rotarians interested in participating in RRRR letting them know who they will be meeting and which of the members is responsible for setting up the lunch meeting date and location.


Chair: Paula Bradley and Bart Zimmerman
Good speakers and programs provide Sunrise Rotarians with information about what is going on in their community and in Rotary. The Program committee coordinates interesting and informative speakers and programs for every Rotary meeting through the input of committee members as well as suggestions from club members. This committee meets regularly to discuss and select people and programs focused on topics that are of interest to the members.